Custom profile manufacturers

Industries we serve

Lilak Aluminium is the pre-eminent supplier of aluminium to all industries – from the shop frame in your retail store to the doors in your office.

Custom profile manufacturers

Lilak Aluminium has long lasting partnerships within various manufacturing industries to whom it provides aluminium profiles. Lilak Aluminium offers custom profile engineering when clients’ designs require it.

Industries that work with Lilak Aluminium include industrial refrigeration, blinds, garage doors, built in cupboard frames, picture framing and more. We are able to create our clients’ custom profile specifications, as well as add custom colouring, matching of colours and adonising up to 25 microns to the final product. Branding is done using protection tape, all client’s designs remain their intellectual property and stays confidential.

For all custom die products, we offer an agreed stocking period for all clients, giving them the opportunity to free up stocking space and also lower financial outlay costs.

Architectural stockist market

Lilak Aluminium is the main supplier of aluminium extrusions and profiles to the architectural stockist market.

Due to their large architectural stockist market client base and their belief in keeping long-term relationships Lilak Aluminium has taken the decision not to directly supply to the architectural manufacturing market as this would be an infringement on their clients’ customer base.

Lilak Aluminium believes that relationships within the market are more important.