Lilak Aluminium’s recently acquired distribution centre allows it to store product for their clients in the architectural stockist market. With a capacity of 600 tonnes, we provide our clients with a cost effective and space saving opportunity.

Space for all types of profiles

Our distribution centre has a capacity of 600-tonnes, and on any given month we hold up to 400 tonnes of aluminium products for our clients. Due to our large warehousing capacity, we are able to keep various profiles on hand for quick deliveries allowing us quick turnaround times and speedy client satisfaction.

Smart warehousing

When we acquired the distribution centre, we wanted to ensure that our clients received the very best from our new initiative. Due to this we retained an already experienced and efficient team knowing that they would be able to ensure that this movement into distribution would be a smooth process. We believe that our clients deserve the best in all of our services and to ensure this we need to have the best team to make this happen.