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With over a decade in the aluminium industry and over 40 years of experience behind it, Lilak Aluminium has firmly become one of the largest independent distributors of aluminium extrusions in South Africa. We are a key supplier of aluminium extrusions to both the architectural stockist market and all custom designed profiles. Together with our reliable service and the provision of quality products, our relationships with our clients turn into long-term partnerships that can be relied upon. The recent formation of a distribution centre in Alrode, Gauteng, allows us to provide warehousing and distribution solutions to all our architectural stockist clients giving them an all-round service from start to finish. Boasting a global presence with head offices and a distribution centre in Gauteng together with a satellite office in Hong Kong, Lilak Aluminium’s reach throughout Africa and parts of Europe has established the company as the first choice within the industry.

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Lilak Aluminium are product specialists and leading suppliers of aluminium extrusions to the architectural stockist market and custom designed profile industry in South Africa. We offer aluminium solutions, architectural distribution, custom die and custom profile engineering to all our clients. With years of experience within the aluminium industry – particularly the aluminium extrusion industry – we know how to turn our customer’s visions into reality. All of our products follow a strict quality assurance process before entering the market, giving you peace of mind that the product you are receiving is built to its exact specification.

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Over the years Lilak Aluminium has become well-known as the supplier for aluminium extrusions and profiles to the architectural stockist market and various manufacturers together with the mining industry. We believe in building customer relationships on trust, hence our strategy not to involve ourselves with manufacturing finished products in the architectural markets. Lilak works closely with manufacturers of industrial refrigeration, window blinds, roofing, partitioning, office furniture, garage doors, built-in cupboard frames and many other innovative products such as solar. With regards to the mining industry, we are able to supply aluminium extrusions for all mining related needs. For more information or to discuss your aluminium extrusion and aluminium profiling needs, please contact us.

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