Architectural distribution

Architectural distribution

Lilak Aluminium works closely with architectural stockists nationwide, and successfully supplies all generic systems available. We also supply custom profiles that are our client’s own designs exclusively. We are well known for our quick turnaround delivery times due to our generous stock holdings of various architectural profiles.

Our Promise

At Lilak Aluminium we have dedicated ourselves to supplying the architectural stockists market.

We value and are extremely grateful for the relationships we have grown with various distributors, with whom we have worked with over the years, and therefore have made a commitment not to supply directly to the manufacturing market as this could be considered an infringement on our clients’ customer base.

We believe in creating long lasting, and dedicated partnerships with our clients, and work together to achieve the best and suitable outcome for their needs.

Our relationships are based on trust, reliability and openness which we believe is the foundation for future opportunities.

Warehousing solutions

With our newly acquired distribution centre, situated in Alrode Gauteng, we are able to offer warehousing and distribution solutions to the architectural stockist market.

When acquiring the warehouse, we took on an already established and experienced team affording us the opportunity to provide efficient solutions and service to our clients.

Our team is able to assist with all our client’s warehousing and distribution needs.

Beneficial Pricing structures

We pride ourselves on offering competitive and beneficial pricing to the industry. Structured pricing is offered based on the customer’s needs, when purchasing full containers, up to 26 tonnes, a beneficial pricing will be negotiated with our client as the container will go directly to their warehouse.

When purchasing part of the container, the labour involved includes unpacking the container, repacking the order, and warehousing the material.

Although this does cost more than purchasing a full container, we are confident that our prices are still competitive and understand that our clients are looking to cut costs where possible.